Waste the Moments

by Colossal Wrecks

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Kris Westreich: Guitar, Vocals
Ray Cruces: Guitar
Ricky Cruces: Bass Guitar, Piano
Mike Smith: Drums




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Colossal Wrecks Long Beach, California

4-piece from
Long Beach, CA

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Track Name: Idol Worship
meet your idols in worship
take this place from my chest
why's it so hard to withdraw from this one
line the hallways with my
short symbols of yearning
the too calm goodbye
remove my reasons for this one and how come
time moves on

places change and i'm to blame
i'm almost through with it
meet your idle hands
people change and i stay the same
i'm almost through with it
i should give up
i should pack it in

destroy your relation
cut the thought from the bone
how's a vague sort of construct create one
might as well toss aside
this half handed reverence
whose meaning is out
kill the context from this one and i'm done
cause i can't decide

they came in before you and look just how they made out
a sequence of false starts and reasons to go to sleep empty
those silver tongued sons alone sold me on what i already had
and as we get processed we start falling apart
it just works that way

and i ask myself
if i don't mean what i say then why am i still saying it?

all we are is bones to be broken
Track Name: Means to an End
all the answers laid so bare
there's nothing left to see of here
could they even feign surprise?
another one cut down to size

i've given up control
that's what it's all about
making the mountain the mole hill

i'd take out this part of myself
and throw it away and
carve it out of marble
to be rearranged
if only such a thing were true

what will we leave behind?
water damaged novel spine
and who do we answer to?
when we find out there's nothing new

all the rhythms laid to rest
limbs made out of second best
they're drowning in themselves again
it's only just means to an end
Track Name: The Lucky Ones
it's over my head
the weight of simply being, instead
of every kind of problem
we are the lucky ones
don't even get me started
we are the lucky ones

you better believe
what you said to me
you better believe

it's over my friend
sinews tied to cross bones
we had the funeral in the driveway
and the wake out on the lawn
easy to take for granted
how we are the lucky ones

so long
I hardly knew you
Track Name: A Taste of Saltwater
fight or flight, give and take
a touchy subject, and one too late
circumnavigate what has past
this sorry state will not last

he'd never seen a ship so big before
it swallowed up the ocean until you could see the floor

and oh this brittle body
oh this brittle brain, it's sick and since out of a job
and thoughts can stick together, like the bottom of a riverbed carves its way out
did you see the warning signs? they were written on the back of your skull
until the ink, it ran dry
and one foot in and one foot out, i know it's just a child's game
i'd take it back if i could
Track Name: Violet
down, down
circumstantial occupation's over
down, down
every day's a violet occurrence

you'll build your statues higher than the mountains and the trees
sooner or later, your life's work is bound to go down

that lone old pedestal, we could count the dust off for years
we tried to fashion one of our own where the bones couldn't find us, and we couldn't wait to feel down
Track Name: Painted Faces
the way age moves around me
is effortless

i don't understand it makes me sick so how could this happen so easily
to the little ones

the way the world works takes its toll on me, on me
wings taken off too soon

i can't comprehend it makes me ill it even takes the babies
out of windows

the way the words spit out your teeth like knives thrown at an innocent

painted smiles flickered as they turned out the light
i don't think you're getting up in the morning
look me in the eyes you're just staring at the floor
and all we can do is just hope so
Track Name: No Wonder
chop down my prospects
the only thing i don't regret
frustrated flight can take off on empty again
i'm sorry if this hits home

blank future's a prescription
for dark stars and reflection
memory is up for slaughter
reconnect with heaven's daughter

retrace opinion it's only a sign of the times
leveling skyline makes me feel alright
and i'm sorry if it's not known

any world can come apart and dissipate it's really no wonder why
letters stacked like a library and it'll burn down much the same way
Track Name: Waste the Moments
i'll build a house i'll build a home, i'll build a skyscraper
i remember when you said to me i wanna start over

i pray to every god that i know that i can keep it together.
don't you think you've had enough this time? because everyone is waiting
on the better part of the day when we can overwhelm each other.
it's senseless in the way that it makes sense, and my mouth is closed again

in your new life
if you could pick and choose
would you choose the same ones
you couldn't afford to lose
this time around
it comes twice a year
did you waste the moments
is that your biggest fear?

i've been over it a hundred times today and it's only
as simple as it's going to be, it's only beginning
i'm reeling when i'm breaking ground, it's coming together
in your new life you celebrated the old one

i'm happier on the freeway cause at least i'm going somewhere
how was i supposed to act like? i'm not making decisions
for the rest of the time this year, it's blending into each other
stick your head up for some air, it was like this all along?

i noticed
how you fell through
Track Name: Morning Light
your wife will outlive you
it's a sad fact but it's true
all too much is gone
to be of any use

we crushed the ashes
with sunlight
for you, for you, for you
we cast it straight upon the rocks
it's all that we can do

we placed the body
down there
for you, for you, for you
shattered like the rest
it's all that we can do

morning light is only
a sign of where you used to sleep and live
we're made of
each other's old clothes

they've said it before
and i'll say it again
you're only as much as your body